The Discus Champion Who Unleashed A Wild Celebration Had To Sleep On The Ground Outside The Olympic Village

German discus thrower Robert Harting made headlines for his fantastic celebration after winning the gold medal on Tuesday.

But later that night, he was denied entry into the Olympic Village and ended up sleeping on the ground after he lost his credentials.

Harting celebrated his gold medal on a boat anchored on the Thames. As he went to leave the boat, he realised someone had stolen all of his stuff:

robert harting tweet


Here’s what happened next, according to the Metro:

Finally at 5am he took the Tube back to Stratford to try to return to his accommodation. ‘We passed two security guards but the third said we were not allowed in.

‘It was 6am and I needed some sleep. So I slept on the ground.’

Harting got it sorted out the next day.

We haven’t heard that many wild stories about the allegedly scandalous Olympic Village, but this is one of the more amusing ones.

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