Washington Redskins president confirmed Robert Griffin III won't be on the team next year

It’s been widely assumed that the Washington Redskins will move on from Robert Griffin III this offseason.

After RGIII sat the entire 2015 season while Kirk Cousins flourished, the team is moving in another direction.

On Tuesday, Redskins president Bruce Allen went on San Diego radio show “Dan Sileo Show” and spoke about Griffin’s future and confirmed that the two sides will split this offseason.

When asked whether he sees Griffin on the Redskins next year, Allen said quickly, “Well, no.”

He added, “I see Robert getting an opportunity with another team. I think we’ve heard from some teams that are interested, and I think he’s going to have a choice of a couple teams that will let him excel in the future.”

This is the first official confirmation that the Redskins will move on from Griffin, and it came directly from the team’s president.

“From the very beginning Robert has handled himself as a professional,” Allen said of Griffin being benched.

“I know some people on the outside always like to be critical, but his teammates like him, his coaches like him, and he does have some special talents, and we wish him well.”

It’s been unclear how, exactly, Washington would move on from Griffin, but at this point, it seems clear that they will cut him. Last offseason, the Redskins picked up Griffin’s fifth-year option, worth over $16 million, and it becomes guaranteed on March 9. Washington partially kept Griffin inactive because that option was guaranteed for injury, and they were unable to find any trade partners during the season.

Now, getting another team to trade for RGIII will be difficult for Washington. Instead, it seems they will cut him before March 9, let him become a free agent, and he’ll sign with a team of his choosing.

Despite minimal production over the last three years, Griffin is still just 26 years old. With several quarterback-hungry teams in the NFL, he’ll surely find a landing spot on some team willing to roll the dice.

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