Robert Griffin III Is The Newest Pawn In The War Between Nike And Adidas

Robert Griffin III

Photo: NFL Network

For most fans, Robert Griffin III is known by the nickname “RG3.” That is, unless you are Adidas. Then, their star quarterback client is known as “RGIII.”On the surface the difference may seem like a matter of taste. But chances are Adidas’ use of the roman numeral is more closely tied to the visual synergy between Griffin’s name and the three stripes in Adidas’ logo (see T-shirt below).

And two important changes to NFL uniforms this season have created a turf war between Adidas and Nike, and RG3 is right in the middle:

  1. Nike now produces NFL uniforms, which leads to scenes like the one below in which RG3 blacked out Nike’s swoosh and replaced it with the word “Heart” prior to yesterday’s game.
  2. For the first time, the NFL now allows players to include a surname suffix on their uniform (as seen above). So while Griffin is forced to wear a Nike jersey, Adidas likely sees this as a small victory in getting their “brand” onto the jersey of their start client. 

Ironically, Griffin III was probably a big reason the NFL changed the rule. And by allowing Roman numerals, the NFL unwittingly allowed Adidas to encroach on territory that Nike paid a lot money for.

So next time you write Griffin III’s nickname, keep in mind whether or not you are being pro-Nike or pro-Adidas. And then cry a little as you realise we are all just being used by the sneaker giants.

Robert Griffin III, Adidas

Photo: (@StatueLeft)

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