Robert Griffin III Tried And Failed To Play On One Leg — Then His Team Pulled Off An Epic Comeback Without Him

Robert Griffin III got hurt on a scramble with 1:42 left and his team down 28-20 to the Ravens. After coming out for a play, RG3 came back onto the field, tried to play, hobbled around, and quickly returned to the sidelines.

But the Redskins weren’t dead yet. Back-up rookie QB Kirk Cousins relieved Griffin, drove the team down the field, threw a TD pass and converted a two-point play to send the game to OT with 29 seconds left.

In overtime, Washington got a big punt return, then kicked a field goal to win 31-28. What. A. Game.

Here’s the injury. Gross leg whip (via @BuzzFeedSports):

rg3 injury gif

Photo: @buzzfeedsports

Not sure why he tried to come back and play: (via CJ Fogler):

rg3 hit

Photo: @cjzero

And the TD pass:

kirk cousins gif

Photo: CBS

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