Robert Downey Jr and a bunch of other celebrities are tweeting about Iron Boy

Photo: NSW Police.

Iron Boy, Australia’s own superhero who is currently rushing through the streets of Sydney to take down evil villains, has earned the support of Iron Man himself.

Iron Boy is 9 year old Dominic who suffers from cystic fibrosis. NSW Police and Make A Wish have asked his much needed help to fight crime in Sydney today.

Robert Downey Jr tweeted Iron Boy, wishing him the best of luck on his special mission.

Fellow Avenger Thor’s brother is behind him too.

And even after a really tough day, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is supporting Iron Boy too.

It’t not just the celebrities getting behind Iron Boy either, those of all ages are showing their support.

This is the mission NSW police commissioner originally sent Iron Boy on.

Here’s a clip of Iron Boy taking down his first evil henchman on his quest to save Hope Joy.

He’s set to fight Ultron at the steps of Sydney Opera House where we will be reporting live.

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