Robert De Niro: Vote for Hillary Clinton 'to prevent Tuesday from turning into tragedy'

Robert De Niro racked up the latest in a large haul of awards for himself, but he used the occasion to talk about Tuesday’s presidential election.

The actor accepted the Hollywood Comedy Award at the Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday night for his work in “The Comedian,” an upcoming dramedy, but according to Deadline, his speech turned toward politics.

“We are here to celebrate the movies of Hollywood and nobody throws a party better than Carlos de Abreu and the Hollywood film awards,” De Niro said, the outlet reports. “But the shadow of politics is hanging over us more than anything else and it’s hard to think of anything else. We have the opportunity to prevent Tuesday from turning into a tragedy. So vote for Hillary Clinton.”

The host of the awards, James Corden, said to the audience afterward, “Show your hands if you’re voting for Donald Trump.”

One woman reportedly shouted, “Who cares?”

In response, Corden said, “Shut the f— up, you look like somebody who’d be voting for Donald Trump.”

De Niro previously filmed a PSA in which he had insulting words for Trump and said of the Republican presidential candidate, “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

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