George Zimmerman's Dad Says His Son Mentored African-American Kids And Isn't A Racist

robert zimmermanRobert Zimmerman

Photo: NBC Miami

George Zimmermans’ parents have launched their own website to let people know their son is a good man who has been the victim of an “unbelievable, highly orchestrated” chain of events since Trayvon Martin’s death.While he doesn’t delve into specifics about his son’s second-degree murder case, Robert Zimmerman took to to give any interested parties a glimpse into the family that raised the former neighbourhood watchman.

News of the website first began making the social media rounds on Thursday.

While the first few years of George Zimmerman’s life were financially difficult for the family, the Zimmermans said they still helped out anyone who asked.

“The Zimmerman children were raised knowing that being helpful, good Christians, and good citizens, was their responsibility,” Robert Zimmerman wrote. “The word ‘hate’ was never allowed in the Zimmerman household.”

Robert Zimmerman goes on to add that his mother-in-law Cristina, who lived with the family while George Zimmerman was growing up, babysat two “young African-American girls.”

“These girls, one now a physician and the other a PhD candidate, were very close to all the Zimmerman children,” Robert Zimmerman wrote. “To all involved, race was never a thought that came to mind.”

Later on, George Zimmerman and his wife, Shellie, mentored two African-American children and did “as much for these children as possible,” Robert Zimerman said.

Many critics believe George Zimmerman killed Martin because he was a black man.

In 911 calls from the night Martin died, George Zimmerman can be heard complaining “these arseholes always get away,” while calling Martin one of “these fucking punks.”

Next up for the Zimmermans, George’s wife Shellie is scheduled to be arraigned next week on charges she lied to the court about the couple’s finances.

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