Clinton campaign manager calls New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio a 'terrorist' in leaked emails

Robby mookJeff J Mitchell/Getty ImagesClinton campaign manager Robby Mook at the DNC in Philadelphia?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook called New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio a “terrorist” in internal campaign emails released by Wikileaks.

In June during the Democratic presidential primary, a Clinton campaign staffer flagged several quotes from the mayor regarding his reluctance to endorse the former New York senator, despite the fact that he ran her senate campaign in 2000 and every other major New York Democrat had already endorsed her over Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“I’ve always liked what I heard from Bernie Sanders,” de Blasio said in a quote sent to Mook.

“I’m waiting to hear…her larger vision on income inequality,” de Blasio said in a separate quote sent to Mook.

“Wow. What a terrorist,” Mook replied.

“Told you!” wrote Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s communications director.

De Blasio’s hesitance to back Clinton may have resulted in a somewhat reduced role in the primary once he did back the former secretary of state. His attempt to organise a presidential forum was scuttled after no major presidential candidates agreed to attend.

And he was reduced to door-to-door canvasing in Iowa after the Clinton campaign rebuffed his attempts to host bigger events on the former secretary of state’s behalf in the first two primary states, Iowa and New Hampshire.

The leaks stem from what many national security officials believe is an ongoing release of emails hacked by Russian state-sponsored hackers.

Obama administration has accused Russia of hacking and leaking DNC internal emails, and the FBI suspects the breach of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s email account may also be the result of Russian interference.

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