Patriots' Rob Gronkowski was non-committal about his NFL future when asked about rumours he may consider retiring

Kevin C. Cox/Getty

  • Rob Gronkowski wouldn’t commit to his NFL future when asked about rumours of retirement after the Super Bowl.
  • Gronkowski said he would take the offseason to consider his future.
  • Gronkowski, at 28, has had a long history of injuries from back and knee injuries to concussions.

After the New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl, Rob Gronkowski wouldn’t commit to his NFL future.

In his postgame press conference, a reporter asked about rumours that Gronkowski would consider retirement.

Gronkowski said he wasn’t sure where the rumours came from, but said he would take the offseason to examine his future.

“I’m definitely gonna look at my future, for sure,” Gronkowski said. “I’m going to sit down the next couple weeks and see where I’m at.”

Gronkowski also said he was not ready to fully discuss the rumours, saying again that he would take time to think about it in the offseason and that he would talk about his future with his teammates.

While Gronkowski is only 28 years old, he’s had a long history of injuries, from back and knee injuries, to concussions, including one he sustained in the AFC Championship.

Gronkowski signed a new contract over the offseason that allowed him to make up to $US10.7 million if he hit certain goals, like making the All-Pro team, which he did this season. In 2015,Gronkowski said he hadn’t spent any of his NFL earnings, instead living solely off of endorsements.

If Gronkowski does decide to retire, it would be a major blow for the Patriots.

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