Rob Gronkowski Has No Shame

Rob Gronkowski exploded on the scene after having an incredible season for the New England Patriots.

But Gronk isn’t just known for his work on the football field, he’s also a SERIOUS partier, and he does not try to hide it at all.

Let’s take a look at what Gronk has done on the social scene the past few months:

Hung out with porn star Bibi Jones:

patriots rob gronkowski with porn star bibi jones


He tried speaking some of the worst Spanish we’ve ever heard:

rob gronkowski

After the Pats lost the Super Bowl, he danced his little heart out to LMFAO:

rob gronkowski dancing after losing the super bowl

Photo: YouTube

He wore these pants. And tweeted a picture of himself in them:

rob gronkowski injured


He partied and posed with a bunch of girls in Aruba who may or may not have been 16:


Photo: Busted Coverage

He continued his partying, funelling beers with a bunch of college kids:


Photo: @K_Jaunch42

Earlier in the year, Gronkowski apologized to Pats owner Robert Kraft for the porn star incident. He told Kraft he in no way was trying to hurt the reputation of the New England Patriots.

We wonder what Kraft thinks of how Gronk is spending his off season…

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