Rob Gronkowski Does Not Feel Fear


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Rob Gronkowski was Sports Illustrated’s cover choice for the first week of the NFL season this year and they couldn’t have made a better decision.Gronk had a breakout season for the Patriots in 2011, and during the off-season he was everywhere.

In fact, he partied so much and made so many appearances, people started calling his off-season “The Summer of Gronk.”

Not surprisingly, Gronkowski said a number of ridiculous things in his SI feature but the one that stood out to us the most is that he claims he doesn’t feel fear.

From SI:

“He claims he does not feel fear. ‘No, not at all,’ he told me. What about getting crushed over the middle? ‘It’s all good,’ he said. ‘Sometimes it’s cool, you want to get that feeling, to feel what it’s like to get hit the hardest, when you’re not looking, just so you’re ready.'”

Gronkowski’s family says Rob was “born without the capacity to feel fear or pain.” He’s always just gone for it, the first time he went skiing when he was a kid he snuck to the top of the hill and went down at full-speed. He also endured constant “ritual pummelings” from his older brothers, to which they credit his ability to break tackles so well.

You’re going to want to click over to SI and read the rest of this feature >

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