Toronto 'Crack Mayor' Rob Ford Is A 'Huge, Massive Social Liberal' Who Loves Obama, Says His Brother

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford — who has dominated international headlines over the past few weeks following an
admission of smoking crack cocaine— is a “massive social liberal” who is a fan of President Barack Obama, according to his brother Doug.

Doug Ford, who sits on Toronto’s city council, told CNN correspondent Bill Weir in an interview that the perception of Rob Ford as a “conservative” isn’t true. Weir accompanied the Ford brothers to the Toronto Community Housing project on Queen’s Plate Drive — where Weir noticed that Ford was treated like, “no pun intended,” a rock star.

“Everyone keeps saying Rob is a conservative. He’s a huge, massive social liberal. He loves Obama!” Doug Ford said.

On Toronto talk radio two days before the 2012 election, Rob publicly bet Doug that Obama would win re-election, with “a nice Italian dinner” as the stakes, according to the Toronto Sun.

Both CNN and Fox News got interviews with Mayor Ford over the past few days. That he’s an Obama fan is one of a few new things we learned about the mayor, including:

  • He still wants to run for Prime Minister some day , he told John Roberts of Fox News.

  • When CNN’s Weir pressed Ford about why he wouldn’t see an addiction specialist, Ford became angry and had to be calmed down by his brother. “You can spin it. You can tell me whatever you want. These people know that I’m not — have you ever got drunk before, Bill?” he said.

  • During the CNN interview, Ford also swore on camera — and then apologized for doing so in front of kids.

  • Ford did say, in a response to a question about shielding his young children from the news about him, that he is the “best father around.”

  • Ford blamed “rich, elitist people” for his situation. “They don’t do nothing. Get out of here, they don’t do nothing. They’re the biggest crooks around,” he said.

  • Here are videos of the two interviews. From Fox on Sunday:

And CNN on Monday:

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