Police Say Rob Ford's Communications 'Indicative' Of Drug Dealing

Police documents released in court as part of investigators’ efforts to obtain records from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s cell phone and the OnStar phone on his Cadillac Escalade reveal law enforcement officials believe some of the embattled politician’s communications and meetings were “indicative to that of drug trafficking.” Specifically, police said they were suspicious of Ford’s dealings with his driver, Alexander “Sandro” Lisi.

Lisi is currently facing extortion charges for allegedly attempting to obtain the infamous video showing Ford smoking crack cocaine that was first reported to exist last May. The request for Ford’s phone records is part of Project Brazen 2, an investigation into alleged extortion attempts involving the tape and drug and gun activity. According to the Toronto Star, the documents showed Brazen 2 detectives want to see who Ford was on the phone with between March and October of last year.

The new police documents, which were released in court Wednesday, also included a description of the crack video. Police said the video showed Ford exhaling and inhaling “vapour” from a glass pipe. Globe and Mail City Hall Bureau Chief Liz Church reported Wednesday that Ford, who admitted to smoking crack cocaine in a “drunken stupor” would not discuss what was in the pipe.

“No comment, no comment,” he said.

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