A comedian raised $50,000 in 72 hours to defeat 'opportunistic' Republicans who backed Trump

Comedian and “Catastrophe” star Rob Delaney is calling out all the GOP candidates who initially endorsed the presidential run of Donald Trump and have since unendorsed him because of his lewd comments on a leaked “Access Hollywood” tape.

Working with a Democratic fundraising site, Act Blue, Delaney has set up a campaign called “Challenging Opportunistic GOP Candidates” to affect the races of these GOP senators, congressman, governors, and state legislators who are seeking reelection. Delaney and Act Blue are raising money for their Democratic opponents, essentially in an attempt to defeat the Republicans who Delaney believes are hypocritical.

Delaney has stated in the past that he’s a Hillary Clinton supporter.

In less than 72 hours, the campaign has raised over $50,000.

“You are welded to Trump until the end,” Delaney wrote in a Tumblr post. “The people who want it both ways; the people who got on the train, and now want to get off. F— you baby, you’re on the train till it crashes into the American Electorate at full speed.”

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