What you’ll need to consider before road tripping in a van or RV

What you’ll need to consider before road tripping in a van or RV
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A remarkable road trip doesn’t just happen; it’s thanks to some meticulous planning and a thorough itinerary. Especially if it’s your first road trip, preparing for one of these getaways can seem intimidating.

But once you’re there, traversing and exploring unfamiliar territory is one of the most rewarding life experiences you can have. To help you come up with a game plan for your outdoor expedition, we’ve compiled a little checklist and some tips on how you can make your next road trip a memorable one.

Your budget

You’ll need to evaluate how much you’re willing to spend on your getaway to ensure you don’t blow your budget. Though it seems that a road trip is the most cost-effective way to travel these days, there are still things you need to invest in to secure a great vacation. 

Your budget mostly depends on how you want to travel. How many people are you travelling with? Do you need a generous, roomy van/RV? Are you looking for something a little more luxurious and comfortable? Do you need something more practical? Do you need a vehicle with a kitchen installed? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself before hitting the road. Once you come up with a list of all your conditions and requirements, the easier it’ll be to monitor your budget.

Buying or renting

If you don’t already have a vehicle, you’ll need to consider whether you’re purchasing or renting for your road trip. If you’re someone who wants to make a habit out of these trips, it’s worth investing in a proper people-mover. However, there are many different rental van agencies out there that can cater to your budget and style. 

If you’re looking for a cheap van that has plenty of room, definitely check out the Traveller Autobarn, as they have some great vehicles geared for family getaways. However, if you want to travel in style, Hire A Kombi has a selection of vintage Campervans that will add a little nostalgia to your road trip while making you stand out on the freeway. 


In addition to renting a vehicle, make sure you have insurance. If the rental company doesn’t provide insurance, do a little research into rental car insurance companies should an accident arise. If you decide to go with rental car insurance, make sure they provide an extensive range of rental vehicle insurance solutions, so you’re covered financially and legally. 


Look, this may seem simple, but estimating how much petrol you’ll need and the cost is one of the great anxieties of a road trip. To eliminate the stress of this, make sure you check the type of fuel you’re using. For instance, premium fuel protects and cleans your engine and a cleaner engine means you’ll be able to go further with every tank.

It’s worth making a note on your phone’s GPS of where the closest Ampol is on your journey. The worst thing to happen on a road trip is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with an empty petrol tank and no snacks, both of which Ampol can help you out with.

Solid playlist

Whether you prefer The Killers or Imagine Dragons, make sure you’ve carefully curated a great playlist, as winding down the windows and singing our absolute heart out is the staple to any great road trip. However, your playlist must be musically diverse. Ensure there’s a good mix of sad breakup ballads, country music and electro-pop songs to rev you up and get you excited for your upcoming nature exploration. Assign one person to the playlist, preferably someone who has a Spotify premium account and impeccable taste.