GOP chairman: Hillary Clinton's narrow Nevada win 'is another blow for her struggling campaign'

The leader of the national Republican Party blasted Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after she was projected to win the Nevada caucuses by a narrow margin on Saturday.

Republican national Committee chairman Reince Priebus called Clinton’s victory a “surprising underperformance” that shows her “weaknesses as a candidate” after rival Sen. Bernie Sanders easily won in New Hampshire.

Priebus said:

Hillary Clinton’s surprising underperformance in a state she should have won handily is another blow for her struggling campaign. Coming off a disastrous 22-point loss in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton fell far short of the resounding victory she needed to calm the nerves of the Democrat establishment. Just weeks ago, the Clinton campaign was projecting a blowout but they once again had to pull out all of the stops to avoid another loss.

The fact Bernie Sanders has shown the ability to compete anywhere on the map says as much about Democrats’ dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton and her weaknesses as a candidate as it does about the sharp left turn their Party has taken. A prolonged nominating contest where Hillary Clinton is forced to outflank a self-avowed socialist will only make it easier for Republicans to recapture the White House.

With 80% of precincts reporting, Clinton captured 52.1% support in Nevada, compared 47.8% for Sanders.

Republican operatives have repeatedly spun all news as negative for Clinton, whom they expect to face as the Democratic nominee. In contrast, the Clinton team enthusiastically celebrated their win in Nevada, as polls had shown a tightening race there.

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