GOP Latinos Site Uses A Stock Photo Of Asian Children

In 2011, the Republican National Committee launched a new Hispanic outreach effort, complete with a new website, RNC Latinos. Until a few minutes ago, though, that website featured a stock photo of children that were actually Asian. 

U.S. News & World Report discovered the colossal screw-up. The RNC used a stock photo from Shutterstock, the description of which clearly suggests that the children in the photo are Asian

The description in the photo reads, in part: “activity, asia, asian, cheeks, children, cool, cute … interracial, japanese.”

The RNC has apparently taken notice and corrected the issue. Here’s what the site looked like around 4:30 p.m. today:

RNC Latinos

Photo: RNC

And here’s what the site looks like now:

RNC Latinos

Photo: RNC

The RNC did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment. 

A late-May Telemundo poll found that Latinos preferred President Barack Obama to Republican nominee Mitt Romney by 34 points. 

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