The Republican Party just painted Joe Biden's exit in apocalyptic terms

Joe bidenRNC/YouTube/screengrabA scene from the ad.

The national Republican Party released a new video on Wednesday that claimed Democrats’ chances in 2016 have now tanked because of Vice President Joe Biden’s decision to not run for president earlier in the day.

“Their last hope is gone,” the video declared amid dramatic music. “What now?”

As the Republican spot pointed out, Biden performed better in general-election matchups than the Democratic Party’s front-runner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Biden hype peaked as a potential Clinton alternative in part because of the Clinton campaign’s difficult summer, during which she was battered by story after story about her controversial email practices at the State Department.

But with his potential campaign now off the table, Clinton is the clear favourite for the nomination. And her chief primary rival is Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), whose embrace of democratic-socialist ideology also raises general-election concerns.

On the other hand, it’s possible Biden’s strong performance in matchups against the Republican field was due to the fact that he was not in the middle of the 2016 turmoil. Had Biden joined the race, he too would be facing additional scrutiny from both the media and his opponents.

Watch the Republican National Committee video below:

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