RNC chair calls on Democrats to denounce 'very concerning' anti-Trump comments made by DNC chair

Ronna Romney McDanielScreenshot/Fox NewsRonna Romney McDaniel

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel called on Democrats to denounce their chairman’s rhetoric about Republicans and President Donald Trump.

McDaniel told “Fox & Friends” on Monday that it’s “deeply concerning to see the head of the Democrat Party continue to try to delegitimize this election.”

She was referring to Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez, who said at an event over the weekend that Trump “didn’t win the election” and that Republicans “don’t give a s— about people.”

“The Democrats are continuing to ignore what the voters said in November that they feel like this country is going in the wrong direction,” McDaniel said. “The anger he just showed and delegitimizing their voices is very concerning.”

McDaniel urged Democrats to denounce Perez’s rhetoric and suggested that he’s implying Democrats don’t want to work with the Republican Party on policy issues.

“To say Republicans don’t give a blank about people — that should not be rhetoric the head of the Democrat Party should be using,” McDaniel said. “He keeps talking about ‘resist’ and not working with the president. Are they going to resist better jobs, are they going to resist a better economy, are they going to resist better national security?”

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