RMIT University students will soon be able to get blockchain-enabled digital credentials

Jens Schlueter/Getty Images

Students at RMIT University in Melbourne will soon be able to get blockchain-enabled digital credentials.

RMIT will offer blockchain-enabled credentials, via a partnership with startup Credly, which verifies skills and abilities, to students who complete the course, Developing Blockchain Strategy.

The initiative will give students the option to publish data about earned skills and capabilities to blockchain, in addition to sharing through social networks, including LinkedIn.

Credentials published to a blockchain provide enhanced, independent verification of the authenticity and accuracy of qualifications and skills.

“RMIT is at the forefront of helping both students and employers leverage the potential of blockchain to fill long-standing skill and communications gaps,” says Professor Belinda Tynan, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education and Vice-President.

“Our collaboration will provide students with the tools to better communicate industry-relevant skills and experiences into economic and life opportunities,”

RMIT will begin issuing blockchain-enabled credentials in late August, 2018.

The university earlier this year launched Australia’s first university unit on blockchain, an eight-week short course.

The course was developed by the university’s Blockchain Innovation Hub, fintech hub Stone and Chalk and professional services firm Accenture.

Blockchain uses computers with advanced encryption to keep track of transactions, giving confidence to both buyers and sellers. Transactions of the cryptocurrency bitcoin are tracked used blockchain.

Among Australia’s early adopters is the ASX which has decided to replace its CHESS system to record changes in shareholding with distributed ledger technology found in blockchain.

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