Everything we know about Archie's cellmate, Mad Dog, on 'Riverdale'

Warner Bros. TelevisionArchie and Mad Dog outside.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for season three of “Riverdale.”

Archie’s former cellmate at the Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Center made a surprising return Wednesday night.

When Archie enters the arena for his final fight, he finds his competitor to be none other than Mad Dog (played by Eli Goree). Mad Dog was last seen on the second episode of this season after being introduced as Archie’s mysterious cellmate who has posters on the wall, a collection of books on a desk, a record player, and even a pull-up bar in his cell. He disappeared by the end of the episode with no clues to his whereabouts.

Here’s what we know about Mad Dog and his return so far.

Who is Mad Dog?

Mad dog riverdaleWarner Bros. TelevisionMad Dog has special things in his cell.

Initially quiet when he first meets Archie, Mad Dog later opens up when Archie asks him to play in the football game with them.

Mad Dog tells him he can’t because the warden says he “has other business.” When Archie presses him on what he’s doing, he starts talking about his family.

“Before this place, I had a mum, a little brother, girl too, Liz,” he says. “They used to come visit me every Saturday. One day the warden tells me I can’t see them anymore. They have been banned. ‘It’s for my own good,’ he said. That was two years ago.”

He reveals that he is supposed to be transferred to a real prison the following month to spend 20 years serving time.

But he doesn’t go into any other details about what he is in juvie for.

What happened to him?

Mad dog riverdaleWarner Bros. TelevisionMad Dog warns Archie.

When Archie returns to his cell after the riots, he notices that all of Mad Dog’s belongings are gone. When he asks an officer about it, he tells Archie that Mad Dog was killed in the riots. Archie knows that Mad Dog wasn’t present during the game or riots. But when he tries to ask questions, the officer shuts him down.

Later, Archie is visited by the warden, who’s being controlled by Hiram.

“You impressed me today,” the warden tells Archie after he sent three officers to the infirmary during the riots. “Proved you’ve got what it takes. You’ve been tapped. You’re going to be my new Mad Dog.”

Earlier, Archie asked Mad Dog how he survived in juvie without being a Ghoulie or a Serpent and how he got all of his special items. Mad Dog became cagey and told Archie that he doesn’t want to be “tapped.”

What happens after Archie is “tapped?”

Archie boxing ring riverdaleThe CWArchie is forced to box.

Archie watches as Joaquin, the Southside Serpent, is being beaten.

“As you can see, he’s nearly reached the end of his usefulness,” the warden says. “Only you, Mr. Andrews, can decide how he ends it – back in his cell safe and sound or in the infirmary on life support.”

Archie gives in and agrees to fight. He is sent to an outdoor training area where he meets Baby Teeth. He tries to get information about what happened to Mad Dog but an officer tells them to be silent.

After winning a second fight, Archie is given “Mad Dog’s hand-me-downs.” In a fit of rage over his situation, Archie trashes his room. But when he picks up Mad Dog’s copy of “The Count of Monte Cristo,” he sees that Mad Dog had cut out a shape in the pages to hold a rock hammer.

Archie approaches the other fighters and tells them about the hammer and says they are going to find a way to escape.

Where was Mad Dog?

Mad dog riverdaleThe CW

Fans still don’t know where Mad Dog was being held, but he’s still alive and was put in the ring to fight Archie.

As Archie tries to ask questions, Mad Dog keeps punching him and stays silent. Eventually Mad Dog tells Archie to punch him and the two grab each other. Archie tells Mad Dog the escape plan.

“You’ll never make it, not after getting shived,” Mad Dog says. “You’re going to need a head start.”

After Kevin, Veronica, and Josie throw their smokers, Archie tries to drag Mad Dog with him to the drain.

“I won’t get through that grate,” he said. “I tried, but you go. I’ll hold off the guards.”

As Archie escapes, Mad Dog starts to punch the cops.

The news of his escape attempt could maybe explain why he disappeared for a time or that escape attempt could have happened before Archie even arrived at the center. But with Archie out of juvie, it’s unclear how Mad Dog will fare or if Archie will be able to get him out too.

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“Riverdale” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.


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