Everything we know about Kelly Ripa's role as Hiram's mistress on 'Riverdale'

Jack Rowand/The CWKelly Ripa is Mrs. Mulwray.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for season three, episode 11 of “Riverdale,” titled “The Red Dahlia.”

  • Kelly Ripa is on “Riverdale” as Mrs. Mulwray, Hiram’s alleged mistress.
  • She is married to Mark Consuelos, who plays Hiram, in real life.
  • Mulwray is also connected to a larger crime on the CW series.

“Riverdale” fans are getting more details about Hiram’s criminal antics, and they involve an alleged mistress named Mrs. Mulwray.

Kelly Ripa, who’s married to the actor who plays Hiram, Mark Consuelos, in real life, made her debut as Mulwray on Wednesday’s episode of The CW show. She’s introduced as part of a larger crime in the town.

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Here’s everything we know about Mulwray.

Mulwray is Hiram’s alleged mistress.

Mulwray hiram riverdaleThe CWHermione has photos of Hiram and Mulwray together.

When Jughead confronts Hermione as a suspect in Hiram’s shooting, she denies any involvement. However, she tells Jughead that she learned Hiram was having an affair because she sent Sheriff Minetta to follow her husband.

“I don’t know who she is, but he was meeting her regularly at the Five Seasons,” Hermione says as she hands Jughead a folder filled with photos of Hiram and a mysterious woman.

Hermione says she told Hiram to end it, so he did.

“Maybe Hiram’s mistress was angry when he called it quits,” she says. “You do know how volatile blondes can be.”

Jughead goes to the Five Seasons to confront Hiram’s alleged mistress and breaks into her hotel room. She pulls a gun on him when she catches him going through her items. Mulwray doesn’t confirm her personal relationship with Hiram, but she does reveal more information about his criminal activity.

Mulwray has a connection to the seizures and the town’s quarantine.

Veronica Toni River Vixens seizure riverdaleThe CWThe Vixens were all poisoned.

Jughead learns that Mulwray is a health and sanitation inspector sent to Riverdale to investigate the water supply, specifically the Sweetwater River and the reservoir.

“I’m no kept woman,” Mulwray says. “I do a job, I get paid for it.”

Jughead asks Mulwray why she was the inspector who was brought in.

“Young women in town were having seizures,” she says. “I was sent in to help.”

“Brought in by Hiram Lodge,” Jughead responds. “He also make you write the letter to Governor Dooley advising him to support a town-wide quarantine? You see, I’m confused because the letter says the water is dirty, but the report says the water is clean. So you either lied to the governor, or you faked that report. Or both.”

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Mulwray refuses to respond to Jughead’s accusations, but Betty learns more about the poisoned water after confronting Penelope Blossom. Penelope says that the water was infected by runoff from the manufacturing of Fizzle Rocks. When Betty asks why only girls were affected, Penelope says she’s not a medical doctor.

Betty updates Jughead with the information. When Hermione later confronts Jughead, he tells her that he knows why Hiram’s mistress doctored the water reports.

“Betty told me about the runoff of the Fizzle Rocks manufacturing at the Blossom maple factory, how it poisoned Sweetwater River, gave everyone seizures – that’s why Hiram had her doctor those reports, to cover his a–,” Jughead says. “It’s also why he moved his drug lab to the prison. … Now my guess is that you were pissed about his drug lab and what it was doing to all the girls in the town.”

Jughead links Hermione’s anger to the assassination attempt on Hiram and says she ordered the hit. Hermione tells Jughead that if he turns her in, she will implicate his dad in the crimes.

Is this the end of Mulwray?

Mulwray riverdaleThe CWMulwray was working for Hiram.

Now that truth about the poisoned water is known and Hermione claims that Hiram’s affair is over, Mulwray doesn’t have another explicit reason to appear on the series. But many characters have left and then made a surprise return, so maybe she’s not finished for good.

“Riverdale” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.


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