All the Veronica and Archie relationship moments on 'Riverdale' so far

Katie Yu/The CWArchie and Veronica are no more.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Veronica and Archie’s relationship through “Riverdale‘s” third season.

  • Veronica and Archie, played by Camila Mendes and KJ Apa, were a couple on “Riverdale.”
  • They have survived various ups and downs on The CW series.
  • But for now, they are over.

Fans of Archie and Veronica, who are played by Camila Mendes and KJ Apa, have had their hearts broken on the latest season of “Riverdale.”

Varchie, as fans of the couple refer to them, have broken up and seem to be moving on from each other.

The couple survived Archie’s time in juvie, but threats made by Hiram, Veronica’s father, have pushed the couple further apart. Veronica is now happily in a relationship with Reggie, played by Charles Melton. Melton and Mendes are dating in real life.

Here’s a retrospective in honour of Varchie’s relationship.

Archie and Veronica meet for the first time.

Katie Yu/The CWVeronica finds Archie and Betty in Pop’s.

Betty is going to tell Archie that she has feelings for him while they are eating dinner in Pop’s at the start of season one, but Veronica, who’s new to town, arrives at the diner and distracts Archie. He then invites Veronica to eat with them, but she leaves.

Archie goes to the semi-formal dance with Betty and Veronica.

The CWVeronica, Archie, and Betty at the dance on the first episode.

Veronica urges Betty to ask Archie to the semi-formal, but she chickens out and asks Archie to join her and Veronica as a friend date. Betty confesses her feelings for Archie, but he doesn’t return them.

Archie and Veronica kiss for the first time.

The CWVeronica and Archie in the closet on the first episode.

At the after-party held at Cheryl’s house, Archie and Veronica go into a closet to play Seven Minutes in Heaven where they wind up kissing.

Archie and Veronica grow closer.

The CWArchie and Veronica walk home.

Betty is mad at both Archie and Veronica for kissing, so the two discuss how they can get back in Betty’s good graces. The friends eventually reconcile.

Later, Veronica goes on a date with Chuck Clayton while Archie stays silent.

When Betty and Veronica learn about Archie’s affair with Ms. Grundy on the fourth episode of the first season, they try to stop him, but he doesn’t listen to them. Once Grundy is forced out of town, Veronica checks in on Archie. She offers him her support.

They have their first fight.

Diyah Pera/The CWArchie and Veronica at the talent show.

When Archie chokes during his talent show audition, Veronica convinces Kevin Keller to give Archie a spot. Veronica offers to be Archie’s partner onstage, and he takes her up on it. But when Veronica arrives for rehearsal, she finds Archie practicing with Valerie, who had just quit the Pussycats.

Veronica gets angry and leaves. She joins the Pussycats in Valerie’s place on episode six.

At the talent show, Archie and Veronica apologise to each other. Archie decides to perform solo but focuses on Veronica to avoid stage fright.

Archie and Veronica make out.

Cate Cameron/The CWArchie and Veronica’s feelings grow.

Veronica opens up to Archie at Jughead’s birthday party during episode 10. She tells him about her father’s threats, and he comforts her. After the party ends, the two sit on the couch and talk about their parents. They start making up, and Veronica wakes up in Archie’s bed the next morning. He slept on an air mattress though.

Veronica tries to deny her feelings for Archie, but she can’t.

Katie Yu/The CWArchie and Veronica can’t deny their feelings.

Veronica tells Archie they have to pretend they didn’t make out the night before and tells him that she can’t duet with him. Veronica later asked Archie to help her break into FP’s trailer to see if they can find evidence that he killed Jason Blossom. After initially turning her down, Archie changes his mind. They end up kissing in FP’s trailer.

Archie and Veronica end up singing “Kids in America” at Homecoming on episode 11. They also team up to prove FP’s innocence and solve Jason’s murder.

Varchie becomes official, and they consummate their relationship.

The CWArchie and Veronica drink milkshakes at Pop’s.

Veronica and Archie both witness an emotional moment between Jughead and Betty. Archie tells Veronica he wants to have that same strong relationship with her. All four friends celebrate over milkshakes before separating.

Archie and Veronica go to Veronica’s home where they have sex for the first time on the season one finale.

Veronica comforts Archie after his dad is shot.

The CWVeronica and Archie in the Andrews’ home.

On the season two premiere, Veronica rushes to the hospital after learning that a man in a black hood shot Fred. She accompanies Archie back to his house, so he can get Fred new clothes. As he’s showering, she joins him.

Archie later finds Veronica going through his dad’s items, and he lashes out at her in anger. He tells her to leave, but she refuses because as his girlfriend, she is there to comfort him. He breaks into sobs and leans into her arms.

Veronica later brings a new wallet for Fred, and Archie calls her the best girlfriend ever. He also tells her that he doesn’t deserve her but doesn’t get a chance to elaborate.

Archie meets Veronica’s dad for the first time.

The CWHiram and Archie meeting for the first time during the third episode of season two.

Archie sees Hiram for the first time during Retro Night at Pop’s, but Veronica doesn’t introduce him to her father that night. She later invites her friends over to watch “The Matchlorette” and meet her parents. Hiram invites Archie to join them for dinner at a later date.

Archie comes over for dinner.

Bettina Strauss /The CWVeronica and Archie at dinner.

The dinner serves as a test for Archie. After they finish eating, Hiram asks Archie if he’s ever had any rum. Archie says he has not and joins Hiram in his study. Hiram asks Archie a ton of questions and lets him know that Archie can no longer sneak into Veronica’s room.

Archie and Veronica deal with the Red Circle, Archie’s “private army.”

The CWVeronica and Archie at school.

Veronica tells Archie her parents want her to dump him because of his vigilante group. He tells her that it was her dad’s own idea and that she should support him. Veronica later apologizes for not initially supporting him.

Archie gets in trouble at school for having a black hood in his locker. He calls Veronica and tells her that he hid his gun at school and needs it. He asks her to get it for him. Veronica fishes Archie’s gun out of a toilet’s water tank. She claims to dump it before confronting Archie about having a gun.

Later, Archie leaves to fight the Southside Serpents. Veronica shows up with his gun and shoots it into the air. She takes him home and cares for his injuries. She convinces him to throw the gun in the river.

Archie meets Nick St. Clair.

The CWVeronica and Archie in her room.

Veronica invites Archie over for dinner when her friend Nick St. Clair comes to town. Nick offers them drugs, but they decline. He learns that Veronica is part of the Pussycats, and he watches them perform. He later throws a party at his hotel where Veronica and Archie do Jingle Jangle.

Archie says “I love you” for the first time.

The CWArchie and Veronica in front of the fireplace.

Archie and Veronica continue to be intimate. They spend the night together before Archie and Jughead participate in a drag race and have sex in various places. When they are laying together on a rug in Veronica’s living room, Archie says, “I love you, Ronnie.” She doesn’t say it back, and Archie decides to leave.

Archie later returns to Veronica’s home and the couple makes out. Archie asks if they can discuss the l-word, but Veronica asks if them just being together can be enough.

Veronica and Archie investigate.

The CWArchie and Veronica trying to find answers.

Veronica and Archie try to find out more information about the Conway murders as they hunt for the Black Hood. They go to the house where the family was murdered to do their own investigation. At the house, they learn that one child survived the Conway murders.

They learn that the kid goes by Joseph Svenson and is the school janitor. He tries to run from them, but they confront him and learn about his past.

Veronica dumps Archie.

The CWArchie and Veronica split.

Archie and Veronica go onstage to perform “Mad World” during FP’s retirement party. But before they sang together, Archie tried to get Veronica to reveal her feelings for him. Veronica gets upset and runs off the stage. She breaks up with him in the parking lot because she can’t love him as much as he loves her.

Veronica and Archie reunite.

The CWThey aren’t separated for long.

Veronica and Archie are still separated as Christmas approaches, and Archie ends up kissing Betty while he isn’t dating Veronica.

Later, Veronica presents Archie with a gift she bought him before they split. Archie doesn’t have a gift for her, but he does tell her about his dad’s hospital bills. Veronica tries to get her parents to pay the bills, and when they decline, she takes matters into her own hands and secretly uses her family money to cover the costs.

On Christmas morning, Veronica wakes up and sees a gift from Archie under the tree. It’s a heart locket with their photos in it. Veronica goes to Archie’s house and hangs mistletoe on the porch. When he comes outside, they kiss, and she tells him she loves him for the first time.

Archie later eats dinner with the Lodges and thanks them for paying the bills.

Archie tells Veronica that he kissed Betty.

The CWVeronica and Archie at Pop’s.

Archie goes to New York City and beats Nick up after learning that he made advances towards Veronica after the hotel party. When Veronica learns about it, she confronts Archie for going behind her back. Cheryl interrupts their conversation and says she asked Archie to confront Nick about his attempted rape.

Veronica still feels like Archie is hiding something from her and asks him about it at Pop’s. He admits that Cheryl was blackmailing him because she saw him kiss Betty. He said it happened in the chaos of catching the Black Hood, while they both were heartbroken. Veronica says she believes him.

Archie tries to impress Hiram.

The CWArchie and Veronica talk to Hiram.

Hiram isn’t a fan of Archie so Archie asks Veronica what he can do to impress her father. When she mentions wrestling, he decides to try out for the team. He struggled at the first try out and Veronica’s dad made fun of him for it. Archie was going to sing with Veronica and the Pussycats at the Pickens Day celebration, but he backs out of the performance so he can train.

Veronica supports Archie during his last tryout, and he wins. After the win, Archie starts working for Hiram, even though Veronica initially doesn’t want him to.

Archie meets Veronica’s family during her confirmation.

Daniel Power/The CWArchie and Veronica at her confirmation.

Veronica asks Archie to join her in volunteering at a soup kitchen for her confirmation. She also tells him that there’s a dress code and that he’ll meet her family. When Archie meets Veronica’s grandma, she pinches his cheeks.

The two dance at her confirmation, and later, Archie tells her he will never regret being with her.

Veronica kisses Jughead at the lake house.

The CWVeronica and Archie in the hot tub.

Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Archie go to Lodge Lodge, Veronica’s family lake house. Veronica and Archie go into a room and Veronica tells Archie that she is happy he trusted her and told her about his kiss with Betty. They proceed to hook up.

Later that night, the couples go in Veronica’s hot tub. Veronica proposes that she kiss Jughead to even the field, and they do, as Archie and Betty watch. Archie is upset by it.

Veronica later catches Archie meeting with Andre, her dad’s employee, and gets mad. She and Betty go into town so Veronica can have space. That night, four intruders break in. Veronica manages to trigger a silent alarm and the men run. Archie chases them, and he catches one, but Andre appears and tells Archie to go back to the house. As Archie runs back, he hears a gunshot.

Elections come between Archie and Veronica.

The CWVeronica has a cupcake and kissing booth.

Veronica’s parents want Fred to run for mayor. Veronica runs ideas by Archie, but he is resistant to his dad being forced into running. He doesn’t want his dad to work under the Lodge family like he is.

In the midst of this drama, Veronica learns that Archie told Jughead that her parents bought Pop’s. Veronica confronts Archie and questions his loyalty. The Lodges are forced to tell Fred their plan for Riverdale and Fred refuses to be a part of it. Fred decides to run on his own. Archie initially supports Hermione because of Hiram and even gets a car from Hiram, but he ultimately changes his mind and backs his own dad. Veronica also changes her opinion and supports Fred’s run.

The couple is also affected by the school election when Veronica decides to run for student body president. Veronica initially asks Betty to be her running mate, but after the two have a brief falling out because of Veronica’s parents, Veronica recruits Archie.

Nick St. Clair kidnaps Archie.

The CWVeronica covers Archie’s bruises.

After the Black Hood kills Midge, Archie tries to investigate on his own. He is kidnapped by three men hired by Nick St. Clair to get back at Archie. Nick calls Veronica and tells her that he wants $US1 million for Archie’s return.

Veronica’s parents refuse to pay the ransom, so Veronica calls Nick and lies about having the money. The two meet and Veronica gives him some money. Because it’s not enough, Nick says he wants a night with Veronica and she agrees.

Archie manages to escape and arrives at the Five Seasons to find that Veronica had roofied Nick and tied him to a chair. She then calls Nick’s parents and requests a ransom.

Archie is arrested.

The CWArchie and Veronica together.

Chaos erupts in Riverdale and Veronica decides to stop her bid for student body president and throw all of her support into Fred’s mayoral campaign. Fred loses his race, but Archie is elected president after standing up for the Southside Serpents.

The day of his inauguration, on the season two finale, Veronica is proudly in the stands but is shocked when Archie is arrested for murder. Hiram frames him.

Veronica and Archie spend a day together before Archie goes to juvie.

The CWArchie and Veronica’s last day together.

The third season starts with Archie’s murder trial. The judge gives him one last free weekend during which Veronica, Archie, Betty, and Jughead attend Cheryl’s pool party and go to the Sweetwater Swimming Hole. Later that night, Archie tells Veronica that she shouldn’t visit him in juvie. Veronica tells him that her father cannot keep them apart because she loves him.

During the weekend, Veronica tries to plead with her father to stop the trial but he refuses. She also tries to sneak into a juror’s room but is caught by the sheriff and scolded by her parents.

Even though the jury cannot come to a verdict, Archie takes a deal and is sent to juvie. Hiram tells Veronica that he sent Archie away to punish her for betraying her own family.

Veronica works to break Archie out.

The CWVeronica goes undercover.

Veronica visits Archie in the detention center a few times and tries to prove his innocence. When Archie decides to host a football game for the men at the center, Veronica shows up with the River Vixens in support. As they are cheering on the outside of the fence, her father appears. She goes to confront him and the guards then attack Archie and the men.

Hiram adds Veronica to a list forbidding her from entering the center, so she goes undercover as Monica Posh. However, when Archie is forced into an underground fight ring, Veronica can’t see him and turns to Elio, a mob member, for help. He sneaks her into the detention center where she sees Archie fighting and assures Archie that she’ll get him out. They hook up in the fight locker room.

With the help of Betty, Kevin, Reggie, and Josie, the group of friends manage to get Archie out of juvie and hide him in Dilton’s underground bunker.

Archie dumps Veronica and leaves town.

The CWJughead and Archie walking.

Veronica finds evidence to clear Archie’s name and decides to throw him a welcome home party. But despite his proven innocence, Archie calls Veronica and tells her he can’t come up. He breaks up with her over the phone and tells her he can’t return until Hiram is no longer a threat because everyone is in danger. Veronica sobs into the phone as he and Jughead leave Riverdale.

Archie ends up kissing Laurie Lake in the town of Athens but stops because he says he still cares about his former girl in Riverdale.

Veronica grows close to Reggie.

Shane Harvey/The CWReggie and Veronica work together.

Without Archie in town, Veronica turns to Reggie, her friend and co-worker at her speakeasy, for support. The two work together to keep the speakeasy afloat, and he agrees to do some digging for her. Reggie informs her about her dad selling Fizzle Rocks.

While on a beer run during episode nine, Reggie is attacked by the Gargoyle Gang, who are sent by Hiram. Later, Josie is nearly attacked by the gang and Reggie and Veronica go to her side. After dealing with Hiram, Reggie and Veronica end up sharing a kiss in the speakeasy.

Archie returns and the couples tries to reconcile.

The CWArchie and Veronica at Pop’s.

Archie makes a surprise return to Riverdale on the 10th episode of season three, and Veronica immediately kisses him. Archie fills Veronica in on his life and she does the same in return.

At school, Reggie tries to kiss Veronica but she stops him because Archie is back. She tells Reggie to keep their kiss secret. He obliges and agrees to help her through a welcome home party.

During the party, Archie becomes overwhelmed and runs out. He later talks with Reggie who accidentally tells Archie about his kiss with Veronica. Archie later goes home to find Veronica crying from guilt on his bed. He tells her it wasn’t her fault, and they hook up.

Varchie is done.

The CWVeronica breaks up with Archie.

Hiram is shot by an unknown assailant, and Veronica thinks it could be Archie. When she confronts him, he asks how she could possibly think that about him. At that moment, they both realise they can’t be in a relationship, so she ends it.

Reggie arrives at the hospital with flowers and a balloon to offer comfort. Reggie helps Veronica on her mission to figure out who shot her dad.

Veronica later finds Archie in her father’s hospital room and he lies about his original purpose for going. He tells her that he wanted to apologise for his reaction. She also apologizes, but the two don’t get back together.

As of the 12th episode of season three, Reggie and Veronica are happily together. Archie is still single, but he kisses Josie after the two sing together.

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