Everything we know about 'Riverdale's' mysterious group home the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and its connection to the Gargoyle King

The CWAlice and Jughead arrive at the group home.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for season three of “Riverdale.”

The Sisters of Quiet Mercy originally appeared during the first season of “Riverdale.”

Betty and Jughead learn of the “home for troubled youth” after Betty discovers her parents have been making payments to the home because they sent Polly, Betty’s sister, there.

Since that first appearance, more details and facts about the group home have been revealed. The home has connections to the Gargoyle King and Hiram, and with Wednesday’s episode of the show, now the Farm is involved.

Here’s everything we know about the group home.

The group home has a dark past.

Sister woodhouse riverdaleThe CWSister Woodhouse is terrifying.

On season two, Kevin Keller tells Veronica Lodge and Toni Topaz that the Sisters used to be a distillery during Prohibition. They would smuggle alcohol through underground tunnels. He says the tunnels are now used by kids looking for hookups.

The group home still continues to use corporal, or physical, punishments on the youths. During season two, Betty threatens to expose the Sisters for the “house of horrors that it really is” when she goes to the home looking for information on Mr. Svenson.

Svenson, known as Joseph Conway when he was left as an orphan at the home, later worked as a groundskeeper for them and then became a janitor at Riverdale High. He was thought to be the Black Hood, but it was revealed that he was just used by the real Black Hood, Hal Cooper, as a red herring.

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The home is also one of the places that still performs secret conversion therapy.

Polly is sent to the home to have her baby.

Polly riverdale sisters of quiet mercyThe CWAlice was pregnant at the home.

On season one, Polly’s parents, Hal and Alice, send her to the home because she is pregnant with Jason Blossom’s baby. Because she is cut off from her family and friends, Polly is unaware of Jason’s death until Betty goes to visit her.

The sisters at the home call Alice to tell her of Betty’s visit. Alice arrives for Betty and Jughead. Polly confronts Alice in the hallway about lying and is dragged away by two men as Alice and Betty tearfully watch. Polly breaks a window and escapes from the Sisters before hiding in her family home.

Alice later reveals to Betty that she went to the Sisters when she was pregnant in high school because both she and Hal disagreed about what to do. Alice says she gave birth to Betty’s brother, Charles, there, and he was put up for adoption.

On season two, Betty learns that Charles was never actually adopted and was kicked out of the home after turning 18.

Cheryl Blossom is forced into the home by her mother, Penelope.

Cheryl riverdaleThe CWCheryl was at the home for conversion therapy.

During season two, Penelope takes Cheryl to the home for conversion therapy. Cheryl is kept locked in a small room and is visited by Sister Woodhouse, who says she’s “going to rid you of all those naughty demons.” Cheryl is injected with a needle and told that the “conversion” will begin the next day.

While at the home, Cheryl is forced to do physical labour and “physical therapy” as part of the conversion.

Toni, Betty, and Kevin break into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy through the underground tunnels and help Cheryl escape.

During the flashback episode on season three, Penelope reveals that she grew up as an orphan at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy before being taken home by the Blossom family when she was eight because she had red hair. She was groomed to be Clifford’s eventual wife.

Alice sends Betty to the home.

Betty sisters of quiet mercy riverdaleThe CWBetty is trying to figure out what is happening.

On season three of the series, Alice sends Betty to the Sisters to “protect” her from the Gargoyle King who attacked the family at home.

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Alice tells her that she is going to the Farm with Polly and the twins.

“The Sisters protected me; they protected Polly,” Alice says. “They will watch over you now.”

Sister Woodhouse and two men from the group home forcefully take Betty away.

At the Sisters, Betty is taken to a painting class, but as she sits down, she notices that everyone is painting some form of the Gargoyle King. Betty learns the Gargoyle king has a “chamber” in the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Betty stumbles upon it and sees a girl being dragged out screaming.

She pretends to have a seizure so she can get to the infirmary and steal her own medical file. She reads that she is prescribed Bullio Lapis – essentially Fizzle Rocks in Latin – by an “HL.” After having witnessed Hiram Lodge bringing something to the group home, Betty assumes he is involved.

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When she tries to escape, the Sisters catch her and forcefully give her a dose of Fizzle Rocks. She is then taken to the Gargoyle King’s chambers. Though viewers don’t see what she sees, they do hear her screams. Betty later sees the Gargoyle King in Sister Woodhouse’s office in what appears to be a hallucination.

The Gargoyle King and “Gryphons and Gargoyles” are connected to the home.

Sister Woodhouse Gargoyle King riverdaleThe CWSister Woodhouse and the Gargoyle King together.

During the mid-season finale, Betty gets Ethel to realise that the Gargoyle King inside the home is actually a statue, and what everyone sees is a hallucination brought on by Fizzle Rocks.

The two take Sister Woodhouse hostage and learn that the “Gryphons and Gargoyles” game was created by patients at the youth home to deal with their fear of the statue and visions.

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Betty and the youths make a great escape.

Betty riverdale season threeThe CWBetty is the Gryphon Queen.

When Ethel tries to convince the youths to leave the home by making it part of “G&G,” one girl says they can’t because they will be “punished.” But Ethel tells them to have hope because there is a “Gryphon Queen” who can save them.

Betty then emerges dressed in a costume similar to that of the king and urges them to leave.

“But what about the king,” the girl asks.

“The king is dead,” Betty says as she tosses the statue’s head onto the ground. “You are all free.”

Everyone excitedly runs out of the home, but as they leave, the town’s sirens blare, signalling the town’s quarantine.

The quarantine ends in the ninth episode, and it is shown that the kids have been living with Betty while the Sisters have been imprisoned.

It’s the end of the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

Riverdale  sisters of quiet mercyThe CWAll the Sisters are dead.

Betty is working with Sierra McCoy to try and get the Sisters to testify against Hiram Lodge, but Sierra informs Betty that the Sisters have taken a vow of silence. Betty speaks a social worker about the kids and tells her about the Sisters’ vow, but the social worker tells Betty some interesting information. Betty and Sierra go to the jail to confront Sister Woodhouse.

“The church disbanded the Sisters of Quiet Mercy during Vatican II over allegations of cruel and inhumane practices,” Betty says. “You and your Sisters haven’t been nuns for more than 60 years.”

“Which means your vow of silence won’t hold up in court,” Sierra tells them.

Sierra offers Sister Woodhouse a bargain – testify against Hiram and avoid charges. She agrees, but later that night, an “anonymous donor” posted their bail. The Sisters disappeared but left a message on the cell wall: “We go to join thee.”

Betty makes her way to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and discovers that all of the Sisters have committed suicide using “G&G’s” cyanide and Fresh-Aid. She finds their bodies kneeling in front of the gargoyle statue.

The group home has a future.

Evelyn riverdaleThe CWEvelyn is happy about the Farm’s purchase

The group home goes on sale after the nun’s mass suicide and is bought by the Farm to be used as their new “permanent home in Riverdale.”

The Farm used Betty’s savings that Alice stole to purchase the building.

Fans have yet to learn specifics about the Farm, but that is going to change as season three continues.

“Riverdale” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.


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