8 details you may have missed on the 'Riverdale' season 3 premiere

Katie Yu/The CWJughead and Betty are together.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for season three, episode one of “Riverdale,” titled “Labour Day.”

“Riverdale’s” third season has started with a bang.

During Wednesday’s premiere of the hit CW show, viewers were thrilled to see Fred punch Hiram, watch Jughead and Betty share a romantic moment, and enjoy Cheryl’s pool party. But not every moment was a joyous one. Archie pleaded guilty to a murder he didn’t commit, Betty witnessed a weird cult ritual in her backyard, and Jughead found Dilton and Ben unresponsive in the woods.

And like always, there were some pop culture and comic references made, so INSIDER worked with Archie Comics to reveal 8 details you might have missed.

Judge C. Britton is actually the actor’s name.

Warner Bros. TelevisionChris Britton plays the judge.

This is the second episode actor Chris Britton has played the judge on “Riverdale.” If you look closely, you can see his nameplate says Judge C. Britton. He’s merely credited as “Judge” on IMDB.

Cheryl says that Archie is going to be “most likely walking the Green Mile.”

Warner Bros. TelevisionCheryl is back.

The “Green Mile” is in reference to the novel by Stephen King, which was later adapted into a movie starring Tom Hanks. The “Green Mile” is the nickname given to the prison’s death row because of the green colour of the floor.

Veronica confronts her dad Hiram about his “Yago-like attempt” to keep her and Archie separated.

Warner Bros. TelevisionVeronica isn’t sitting idly by.

“Yago” was a Mexican telenovela from 2016 that was inspired by “The Count of Monte Cristo.” “The Count” is a French novel about a man who was wrongly imprisoned, like Archie. But in the novel, the man escapes from jail, earns a ton of money, and then seeks revenge on those who put him in prison.

Betty calls Edgar a guru who’s running a “Heaven’s gate commune.”

Warner Bros. TelevisionBetty does not like the Farm.

Heaven’s Gate was a UFO religious cult that started in San Diego in the 1970’s. Thirty-nine members committed mass suicide in 1997 because they believed their bodies would then be picked up by a spacecraft.

Betty also says her mum has been “body snatched,” a reference to “The Body Snatchers” novel and movies about aliens who are physical duplicates of people as the real people disappear.

Josie tells Veronica that the jury members are being held in the Five Seasons in room 301.

Warner Bros. TelevisionVeronica wants to mess with a jury member.

Room 3o1 is either a reference to the fact that this is season three, episode one, or it’s a coincidence. The Five Seasons is a play on Four Seasons.

Archie’s jalopy is straight from the comics.

Warner Bros. Television and Archie ComicsArchie and the gang in the jalopy.

Archie’s car looks almost exactly like his jalopy from the comics.

Jughead’s “S” shirt and his dog Hot Dog, which have both been seen before, are also from the comics.

The Evernever name is from Archie Comics.

Archie ComicsEvelyn from ‘Little Archie.’

Evelyn Evernever, who will be seen this season, is from the “Little Archie” comics series. She is the daughter of Farm leader Edgar, who was mentioned on the premiere.

In the “Little Archie” comics, Evelyn was a shy girl who didn’t really get along with the core group of friends. A teen version is featured in an issue of the “Betty and Veronica Spectacular” comic. And in it, she kidnaps Archie. In an issue of “Veronica,” she is revealed as Archie’s first kiss.

Archie pleads guilty and is taken to the Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Center.

Warner Bros. TelevisionArchie is not really guilty.

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, known as Leopold and Loeb, were two University of Chicago students who kidnapped and murdered a 14-year-old boy in 1924.

Also relevant, showrunner and creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa wrote a graduate school play called “Archie Loves Nathan.” In the play, Archie became roommates with Nathan Leopold.

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