Here's everything you need to know before you watch season 3 of 'Riverdale'

The CWJughead, Betty, and Veronica watch Archie’s arrest in shock.

After five months, “Riverdale” is finally coming back to TV.

Season three of the hit CW show promises to introduce new characters, new villains, and new mysteries. But before diving into the drama’s new episodes, here’s a refresher on what happened at the end of last season.

“Riverdale” returns Wednesday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Archie is arrested for murder.

The CWArchie getting arrested.

Everything seems OK for Archie after he wins the school’s presidential election. But after threatening to expose Hiram and reveal Tall Boy as the second Black Hood, Archie is the one who ends up in trouble. Hiram frames Archie for the murder of Cassidy Bullick, who was actually killed by one of Hiram’s cronies, and has Archie arrested.

Archie and his dad Fred, who lost the race for mayor against Hermione Lodge, were also fixing Archie’s new car before the arrest.

Jughead asks Betty to be his Serpent Queen.

The CWBetty and Jughead at the Five Seasons.

After the trauma of discovering Betty’s father, Hal, was the Black Hood and Jughead’s near death at the hands of the Ghoulies, Jughead takes Betty to the Five Seasons for a romantic evening. There, he asks her to be his Serpent Queen,cementing their relationship and essentially asking if she’d join the Southside Serpents.

Veronica now owns the local hangout Pop’s and plans to open a speakeasy.

Warner Bros. TelevisionVeronica is standing up against her dad.

Veronica buys the bar her dad wants and asks to trade it for Pop’s. He says that she would lose her place in Lodge Industries, as well as her allowance and credit cards, if she made the trade. She agrees to the terms and plans to open a speakeasy. She asks FP to manage it.

Cheryl becomes a Southside Serpent.

Warner Bros. TelevisionCheryl receives a jacket.

At the ceremony where FP announces his retirement as the head of the Serpents, Jughead is made the new leader and welcomes Cheryl with a jacket.

A deleted scene from season two has Toni moving in with Cheryl, so their relationship is still moving forward.

Alice seems open to visiting the Farm with Polly.

The CWAlice is struggling.

Alice Cooper is having a rough time after learning that her husband Hal is a serial killer and Polly comes home with a proposition that the mysterious Farm where she’s been living can help mum. Alice agrees to go with Polly for help.

Hiram gathers his evil crew.

Warner Bros. TelevisionHiram forms his team.

Hiram gathers a villainous crew of accomplices – Penny Peobody, Penelope and Claudius Blossom, Malachai from the Ghoulies, and Sheriff Minetta – to talk about their plan for the Southside. They plan on running drugs through the prison once it is open and will have the Ghoulies up against the Serpents. They also plan on opening a brothel.

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