Singer Rita Ora Claims Twitter Was 'Hacked' After Failing To Get Fan Response

Pop singer Rita Ora has 3.95 million Twitter followers, but it appears the force of her fans may not be that strong.

On Halloween, Ora tweeted that she would release a new song next week if her fans retweeted her 100,000 times:

After a slow response, Ora’s account retweeted a sceptical fan:

After getting just 2,000 retweets, Ora allegedly deleted her initial post entirely.

The 23-year-old singer then went on the defence, tweeting that her account had been hacked: 

Fans didn’t buy it.

Despite being prominently featured on Iggy Azalea’s current hit song “Black Widow,” Ora —  who has been signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation record label since 2009  —  is still trying to build a personal fan base.

It appears Ora, like many celebrities, bought a hefty amount of her nearly 4 million Twitter followers.

According to, the singer purchased 1,366,326 of her followers, which may explain the lackluster response to new music.

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