14 Risk Boards That Let You Conquer Your Hometown

New York, New York

Not since the American Revolution have two armies jockeyed for position in New York City— until now.

An upstart company called Bungled Board Games has developed new maps for Risk, the classic game of world domination made by Hasbro.

The new spin on an old game will have you plotting how to move armies into Williamsburg in New York, contemplating how many troops to position in Santa Monica in Los Angeles, and pondering the vulnerabilities of San Mateo in the San Francisco Bay Area.

These images were provided to Business Insider courtesy of Bungled Board Games. They are not for redistribution.

Don't show this to Kim Jong-Un, he already wants to take out Austin.

Boston Proper would be tough impossible to defend.

Chicago, Illinois. Just a guess, but this one may be the president's favourite.

Los Angeles, California. The San Fernando Valley is the new Australia.

New York, New York. Brooklyn has all of the strategic importance here.

Portland, Oregon. Washington State would be remarkably easy to protect.

Rochester, New York. You have no chance of hanging onto Rochester's inner loop.

Oakland and San Francisco — that's where the power is on this map.

Seattle, Washington. Any conquest on this map starts with South Seattle.

The U.S. Military territories in Washington D.C. add a different dynamic to the game.

The United States of America — Those mountains would prove problematic.

You may have to paint your face like Braveheart when you play on the United Kingdom map.

A war for modern Europe? Good luck controlling the Balkans.

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