Ripple's XRP is up more than 50% from this week's low
  • XRP, the cryptocurrency made by Ripple for international money transfers, is trading around $US0.90 a coin, up about 60% from its low of $US0.56 hit less than a week ago.
  • The third-largest cryptocurrency has had an exhausting February, beginning the month with a dramatic plunge. XRP is currently trading at less than a third of its all-time high of $US3.31, set just after the new year.
  • Ripple, which uses XRP to power its cross-border liquidity and settlement products, has tried to quell some of the intense volatility through a three-part series about its vision and strategy. Still, speculative investment on cryptocurrency exchanges has continued to drive wild price swings for XRP.
  • Ripple now boasts 100 customers, with 75 deploying Ripple products commercially, according to its website, including banks like Santander and Standard Chartered, as well as payments firms like MoneyGram.
  • You can track the price of XRP in real-time here>>

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