Stunning Images Of Riots In Russia, As Nationalists Protest Murder Alleged To Have Been Committed By A Foreigner

Police cracked down hard on rioters in Moscow Sunday, arresting nearly 1200 nationalists protesting the death of an ethnic Russian allegedly at the hands of a migrant worker, the Associated Press Reports.

When police arrived to quell the riots, things got really ugly. Cars were turned over and torched, buildings were vandalised, and several physical altercations with officers occurred, Agence France Presse reports.

Here are some photos from around the riot:

Russia Immigration RiotsREUTERSA man uses a fire extinguisher to put out a fire in a shop near the protests.

Russian Yegor Shcherbakov, 25, was stabbed and killed in front of his girlfriend last Thursday following a disagreement with another man. Security camera footage showed an assailant that appeared to be of “non-Slavic appearance,”
reports the BBC.

Russia Immigration RiotsREUTERSThe BBC reports that thousands showed up to shout nationalistic slogans.

The image led many to believe the killer was a Muslim from the Caucasus.

Once an image of the assailant was released, thousands of protestors descended on the vegetable warehouse where the assailant is believed to be employed, in a working-class district in far southern Moscow, reports the Associated Press.

Russia Immigration RiotsREUTERSRussia is in the middle of a resurgence in ultra-nationalism, giving rise to several groups who oppose multiculturalism, sometimes violently.
Russia Immigration RiotsREUTERSCars were turned over and torched.
Russia Immigration RiotsREUTERSProtestors believed a man from the Caucasus killed an ethnic Russian.

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