Rio Tinto has unveiled its biggest ever violet diamond from its West Australian mine

Photo: Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto has recovered its largest ever violet diamond from its Argyle mine in Western Australia.

The extremely rare diamond is 2.83 carats, polished in an oval shape, and known as The Argyle Violet. To put it into context, the Argyle mine accounts for 90% of the world’s rare pink diamonds, yet over the last 32 years, just 12 carats of polished violet diamonds have been produced for its Tender.

The Argyle Violet was polished in Western Australia out of a 9.17 carat rough diamond discovered in 2015.

Rio Tinto Diamonds general manager of sales, Patrick Coppens said the Argyle Violet was “impossibly rare and limited by nature”.

Photo: Rio Tinto

The diamond will be the showcase of the 2016 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, the annual showcase of the rarest diamonds from the mine.

After that, private trade viewings of the diamond will commence in June before it travels to Copenhagen, Hong Kong and New York.

Experts expect it to sell anywhere between $2.5-5 million.

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