Ryan Lochte's robbery story is getting messier as Rio police are now reportedly doubting his claims

Ryan Lochte may be in hot water after police in Rio de Janeiro have said that they cannot find any evidence that Lochte and three of his USA Swimming teammates were robbed at gunpoint, according an Associated Press report.

According to a second report in the Brazilian publication Globo.com, Rio Police have issued an order to have the passports of Lochte and fellow American swimmer Jimmy Feigen confiscated. Lochte and Feigen, along with teammates Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger claim that they were robbed at gunpoint by men dressed as police officers after attending a party in Rio.

TMZ.com spoke with Lochte’s coach and is reporting that Lochte has already returned to the U.S. suggesting the order may have come to late to stop him from leaving Brazil.

According to the AP report, police started to question the claim when the swimmers failed to initially report the crime and “were unable to provide key details in police interviews.”

The Globo.com report also cited a video from the Olympic village obtained by the UK Daily Mail which showed the four swimmers returning to the housing complex early in the morning and seemingly in a playful mood:

“According to people familiar with the investigation, a video released on Tuesday (16) by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” has increased the contradictions on the record – as the number of assailants and the fact that the phone has not been taken. Police say that the line of investigation can pass theft to false reporting of crime. Therefore, the determination of Justice to seize the passports of the quartet.”

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