A first look at Brazil's $700 million Olympic dorms that will eventually become luxury condos

Recently we got a glimpse at what Brazil’s $US10 billion Olympic venues look like one year before the games. Now we get our first look at the Olympic village dorms where the athletes will be staying.

The dorms will ultimately cost $US700 million to build with the city of Rio planning to convert them into 3,600 luxury apartments after the Olympics, with prices up to $US700,000 US, according to an Associated Press report.

Like the venues, the village buildings are in various states of completion. However, at least some of them are completed enough to allow tours.

Kitty Chiller, the head of the Australian Olympic Committee, recently took a tour and posted some photos to her Twitter account.

Here is the lounge area in the dorms. It looks like the stand on the right is designed to hold a small television. Otherwise, it is just a small couch and a small table.


The rooms have a pair of beds and end tables with night lights for late night reading. True to previous Olympiads, it looks like the taller athletes will struggle with these beds.


Some of the beds include a comforter with the Rio 2016 artwork.


Each dorm does get its own small balcony.


Things do start to look a little fancier outside. This is one of the pools. There is a lap pool in the background.


However, a look at those pools from above, via this Reuters photograph taken four weeks ago, suggests there is still work to be done.


As can be seen, some of the buildings are much further along than others. The AP report says the project is on track to be completed early in 2016.


However, the Village looks like it will be stunning once it is completed.


The entire village is 31 17-floor towers that include 10,160 bedrooms. That is enough to house 18,000 athletes and staff for the Olympics. Condo residents will start moving in six months after the games end.

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