9 Months Later, The BlackBerry PlayBook Will Finally Get An Email App

jim balsillie playbook

[credit provider=” via BGR ” url=”http://www.bgr.com/2011/09/15/rim-co-ceo-blackberry-playbook-price-cuts-coming/”]

When it debuted last year, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook was missing several key features it needed in order to stay competitive in the tablet market.There were no apps for email, messaging, or managing contacts.

Now RIM plans to release an upgraded operating system for the device next month called PlayBook 2.0, which will introduce a number of features to help get the tablet will be where it needed to be at launch, reports TechCrunch.

Most essentially, it’s finally getting a native email app complete with features that are quite standard on other devices, such as a unified inbox and rich text editing.

A new contacts app and calendar functionality will pull your schedule and friends’ contact data from social networking sites.

When the new OS comes out next month, it will have taken RIM nine months to bring a native email experience to the PlayBook. We can’t help feeling like it’s too little too late.