RIM’s New CEO Is In Complete Denial: ‘I Don’t Think There Is Some Drastic Change Needed’

thorsten heins

[credit provider=”Research In Motion”]

Despite the major change at CEO, it sounds like nothing is going to change.New CEO Thorsten Heins said at the end of a conference call with analysts, “I don’t think there is some drastic change needed.” He says the company is just evolving its current strategy.

Just because “drastic” change isn’t needed doesn’t mean RIM doesn’t need some changes.

When asked what changes were important for RIM earlier in the call, Heins said, “We need to be more marketing driven,” and “execution” needs to be stronger.

On the latter, we couldn’t agree more. RIM’s failure to execute has been evident as it kept letting the shipping date for its next-generation software slip later and later.

As for the “marketing,” RIM’s CEO is just as delusional as the last two CEOs. Sure, RIM could have better advertising. But, guess what Heins? It’s not the marketing department’s fault that your phones suck.

Instead of being more marketing driven, RIM should be 100% product driven. Then the marketing will more or less take care of itself, because all you’ll have to do is sell is the great products instead of the silly lifestyle ad campaigns RIM runs today.