RIM: Motorola (MOT) Won’t Let Us Hire Its Laid-Off Workers (RIMM)


Phone fight! BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIMM) is suing shrinking mobile phone maker Motorola (MOT) because Motorola is trying to prevent RIM from hiring its laid-off workers.

Bloomberg: Research In Motion, in a complaint filed today in state court in Chicago, asked for an order invalidating an agreement the companies reached this year not to solicit each other’s employees. The agreement expired in August and is no longer enforceable, according to the complaint.

Motorola, the world’s third-largest mobile-phone maker, is improperly trying to expand the agreement “to prevent the RIM entities from hiring any Motorola employees, including the thousands of employees Motorola has already fired or will fire,” Research In Motion, based in Waterloo, Ontario, said in the complaint.

We’re hoping RIM is hiring some of Motorola’s better talent, and not the folks who thought a $2,000 gadget was a brilliant recession buster.

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