RIM Insider: "We Know Things Aren't Perfect, But We're All In For The Long Haul"

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While Research In Motion’s market position has slowly eroded, morale inside the company remains strong, at least according to one rank and file employee who reached out to us.The employees aren’t delusional. They know the company’s current lineup of smartphone is weak compared to the rest of the field, but they think the company has a shot at producing some great products in the years to come.

Here are the lightly edited bullet points of an email we received. (Keep in mind, this is just one employees take, we’d love to hear more: [email protected]):

  • The rank and file level know the hardware we have on deck doesn’t really compare to what’s in the market currently, but we have no say.
  • Morale isn’t broken, but there is a lot of legal bureaucratic processes that slow us down. You’d think we have more lawyers on hand will all the patent lawsuits in mobile. Anyway, tme to execute or time to market is paramount for us, and we need to keep improving it. That’s what Balsillie was talking about on the recent earnings call when he said he wants things earlier.
  • We know we got caught resting on our laurels from a product perspective across the board. All we can do is hope that the current managers handling products in the pipeline can make things better. We’re hoping for the best.
  • We get frustrated when Balsillie talks tech on earnings calls, and when Mike L gets side-swiped in interviews about security that are attacking our image. Mike is tech and Jim is sales/marketing/image. Period. They should do all interviews, and anything public as a team because they are co-CEO’s. Having one without the other makes about as much sense as you blogging on cooking, and Martha Stewart come blogging about tech on SAI. They really need to address this ASAP.
  • We do have good ideas, have made good acquisitions, and can innovate, but getting those ideas, innovations, and acquisitions into products and out to market is going to be what defines whether or not we sink or swim. We just need to avoid the legal mes, and get products out the door faster.
  • We are looking forward to what the new QNX operating system will give us in the hopefully not so distant future. The demo at BlackBerry World of running the Dalvik VM/Android apps on a PlayBook has everyone amped up, and we’re looking forward to taking some wind out of Google’s sails with it.
  • That’s really it. We know there’s work to be done, we know things aren’t perfect, but we’re all in for the long haul. Regardless of what the analysts or media say when we hit our upswing it’s going to carry us well into the next decade, that we’re sure of.

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