RIM Crushes Quarter, Guidance Strong

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BlackBerry maker Research In Motion just crushed Street expectations for Q3 — the quarter ending in November — and issued strong guidance for Q4. Shares are up 9% after hours.

RIM shipped its 75 millionth BlackBerry during the quarter.

The real test will be December, where RIM will have to increasingly compete with Google Android devices at Verizon. But in general, it looks like RIM is thriving despite increased competition in the smartphone industry.

Key stats:

  • Revenue: $3.92 billion vs. $3.78 billion consensus.
  • EPS: $1.10 vs. $1.04 consensus.
  • Subscriber additions: 4.4 million, vs. 4.1 million RBC est.
  • Devices: 10.1 million shipped, including 75 millionth BlackBerry


  • Revenue: $4.3 billion midpoint vs. $4.11 billion consensus
  • EPS: $1.27 vs. $1.12 consensus
  • Subscriber additions: 4.55 million midpoint vs. 4.45 million midpoint RBC est.

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