It Was Another Big Day For RIM

thorstein heins RIM
Thorsten Heins, RIM’s CEO.

[credit provider=”Research In Motion”]

RIM closed today at $12.60 per share, up 6%.The stock has been doing pretty well based on the news that RIM will finally hit its release target for its new mobile operating system, BlackBerry 10. RIM will formally unveil BB10 at a global launch event on Jan. 30.

Today, the company announced it completed the software developers kit (SDK) for BB10. The SDK is what developers will use to make apps for new BlackBerry phones that run BB10. 

BB10 has seen a bunch of delays. It was supposed to launch in early 2012. Then it got pushed to fall 2012. Then it got pushed to Q1 2013. It looks like RIM will actually make the deadline this time.