RIM CEO Says Carriers' "Jaws Dropped" At New BlackBerry Phones

Blackberry Addict

RIM is transitioning its BlackBerry lineup to a new OS called QNX beginning in early 2012. It wants you to call those new devices “superphones.”

In the meantime, it is preparing an upgrade to BlackBerry OS, version 6.1.

And on tonight’s RIM earnings call, co-CEO Jim Balsillie tried to drum up some excitement for it.

Some quotes:

  • “The demand in interest in those products is, like, amazing.”
  • “The scrambling for them, and trying to get special circumstances for it, is super intense for the various new products.”
  • “The meetings with the carriers on these products and the level of commitment is outstanding.”
  • “It’s a very substantial enhancement to the product in some profound ways.”
  • “The products this summer have enormous interest, carrier engagement globally is extremely high.”
  • “Their jaws dropped — the carriers’. They love it. And the biggest risk that we have is getting it certified and getting it to market in a certain time.”

Balsillie suggested that more details will be unveiled at the BlackBerry World conference in early May.

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