rumour: RIM Is Going To Try Again With A New, Faster BlackBerry PlayBook

Blackberry playbook

[credit provider=”Steve Kovach, Business Insider”]

It looks like new RIM CEO Thorstein Heins’ “everything is fine how it is” attitude still applies to the company’s BlackBerry product roadmap for 2012 too.According to BGR’s Jonathan Geller, not much has changed.

RIM still plans on pushing its current line of BlackBerry 7 phones for the first part of 2012. This September, the mysterious “BlackBerry London” phone will launch as RIM’s new flagship running BlackBerry 10, the fancy new operating system the company says will turn things around.

While those products are nothing new, there are a few rumoured surprises in the lineup. Geller says there might be a BlackBerry 10 phone with a full keyboard in the works. RIM may also release a new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with a faster processor and a 4G connection late this spring.