RIM BlackBerry Panic Actually Good News for Mobile

The widespread outrage over BlackBerry’s “second outage in a year” has put Research in Motion (RIMM) investors into a panic: The company has a crappy service! It’s losing credibility!

We think this is a complete misread. Research in Motion has some work to do, obviously, but the front-page headlines just underscore how critical its service (and mobile in general) has become to Americans’ daily lives. Not only does everyone use Blackberries these days–they’re as addictive as caffeine.  This is good news for RIM, Apple (AAPL), and other next-gen mobile vendors, as it shows that the U.S. mobile market is finally catching up with that of the rest of the world.

For 10 years, the U.S. has been a mobile backwater, hopelessly behind South Korea, Europe, Japan, and other countries. As recently as a few years ago, a BlackBerry outage might have been a funny anecdote in a business publication like the Wall Street Journal (“Bankers fume as curious gadget craps out.”) Today, however, it is front page, general interest news.

Yesterday’s BlackBerry outage is similar to a 19-hour AOL outage in the mid-1900s, which also hit the front-page: It was a wake-up call to the company to get its act together, yes, but it was also a seminal event announcing that the PC-based Internet had arrived. The same can now be said for next-gen mobile.

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