Eagles Player Blames Lack Of Playing Time On Teammate Trying To Get A New Contract, Says He Was Kidding

On Monday Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper implied that teammate Jeremy Maclin is getting more playing time than him because he’s a free agent after this season and he wants a new contract.

When asked why his playing time has decreased in recent weeks, Cooper told reporters, “[Jeremy] Maclin’s trying to get a contract, so he’s probably not going to try to come out of the game.”

The media reportedly laughed and took Cooper’s comment as a joke, but Cooper kept going, adding, “We want to sub as much as we can. It doesn’t matter who it is. Hopefully, Maclin gets this thing done and he’ll probably be subbing just as much.”

Maclin was asked about Cooper’s comments, and he didn’t appear to take it as a joke, saying, “That was not a very smart thing for Coop to say, and it’s not true.”

On Tuesday Cooper told reporters that he was kidding, but then added another oddly worded thought about Maclin, saying, “I’m supposed to sub every four or five plays, and that’s what I do. Maclin, I guess, he’s a lot better player than me, so he doesn’t have to sub.”

Cooper has been a disappointment this season after signing a five-year, $US25-million contract following an 800-yard, eight-touchdown season with the Eagles last year. His playing time has dipped in recent weeks. In Week 12 he only played in 67% of the offensive snaps.

Maclin, the team’s top receiver, is playing around 87% of his team’s snaps on the season, which is in line with how much other No. 1 receivers play. He’ll be a free agent this winter.

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