Rihanna Tweets Piers Morgan: 'Grow A D**k'—Here's Today's Buzz

  • TwitterWhile watching Rihanna’s performance with Coldplay at the Paralympic Games on Sunday, Piers Morgan tweeted “ps I think @rihanna needs to grow her hair back. Fast.” To which the superstar swiftly responded, “grow a d**k… FAST!!!!” Then the tweet convo went like this: Piers: “This a good time to ask for an interview?” Rihanna: “@piersmorgan haaaa! Only if it’s not about cosmetics! But phuck yea lets do it!!!!!!!” Piers: “Excellent! I’ll supply a wig.”
  • With Enrique Iglesias out, Randy Jackson, the only remaining original “American Idol” judge, has made a deal with Fox to return to the show next season. “Just heard Randy is back on Idol,” Simon Cowell tweeted Monday. “Right decision.” As Mariah Carey’s co-manager, Jackson played an important part in getting her on the show and now they can share the judge’s table. Awww.
  • J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” sequel starring Chris Pine gets a title … “Star Trek Into Darkness.” The Paramount/Skydance film will be released May 17, 2013.
  • Morgan Freeman was once again the victim of an online death hoax this week, after a Facebook page announcing his demise amassed more than 842,000 “likes.” But alas, the 75-year-old actor is still alive and well!
  • Jay-Z and Beyoncé will host a fund-raiser for President Obama at the rapper’s 40/40 Club on Sept. 18. The intimate event will be capped at 100 guests who are willing to shell out $40,000 per ticket to dine with the commander-in-chief and hip-hop royal. Earlier the same day, Obama is scheduled to attend a reception where families can pose for a photo with him for a $12,500 contribution.
  • Did Chris Brown get Rihanna’s face tattooed on his neck? He says it’s just a “random woman,” but it sure looks like his famous ex-girlfriend.

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