Watch The Entire TV Special Documenting Rihanna's Disastrous 7/7/7 Tour

Rihanna 7/7/7 Tour

In November, Rihanna invited 200 people (150 media, 50 fan contest winners) 

on her “777 tour,” which consisted of seven concerts in seven countries in seven days via a 777 aircraft to promote her seventh album, “Unapologetic.”But seven may be the singer’s unlucky number.

Just two shows into the world tour, RiRi was already over it, saying, “It’s already feeling a little brutal.”

Meanwhile, journalists were flooding the internet with horror stories of their trip — complaining of little sleep, little interaction with Rihanna, and how late the singer was for every concert.

Six months later, Fox picked up the documentary about the fateful trip and aired the 41-minute special Monday night. You can watch the entire thing below:

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