Rielle Hunter: "Johnny" Edwards Jumped Me The Moment He Saw Me

Rielle Hunter played the whole John Edwards thing perfectly, remaining silent and weathering the wrath of Elizabeth and years of lies from Edwards, aide Andrew Young, and the rest of the Edwards camp.

In the end, she got her man. And now, in an exclusive GQ interview, she gets her revenge.

Here’s the news from WaPo:

Hunter says she’s still in love with “Johnny” and believes he loves her. That they went to bed together the day they met. That his marriage was “toxic,” that he feared “the wrath of Elizabeth.” That it was Young’s idea for the coverup in which he claimed paternity. That she had no idea how much money — now the subject of a grand jury inquiry — was being funneled to her from top campaign donors.

Keep reading at WaPo >

And here’s the GQ interview itself >

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