Here Are The Juicy New Details About John Edwards' Affairs From Rielle Hunter's New Memoir

john edwards sex tape

Rielle Hunter, the mistress of former presidential candidate John Edwards and mother of his 4-year-old daughter, reveals some surprising intimate details of the couple’s relationship in her tell-all book that will hit book stores June 26

ABC News reported Monday on some of the salacious details of Hunter’s memoir, titled What Really Happened.

ABC reported that the couple met in 2006 at the New York Regency Hotel, when Hunter approached Edwards by saying, “You are so hot.” In 2008, Hunter gave birth to Edwards’ child, Frances Quinn. Edwards did not acknowledge paternity of the child until 2010.

In her book, Hunter accuses Edwards’ wife, Elizabeth, who died in 2010 from breast cancer, of driving her husband to his several affairs, and calls her a “witch on wheels.”

Hunter also writes that Elizabeth “was bonkers because she was in denial” about Edwards’ many affairs.

Edwards and Hunter’s current romantic status remains vague. “I really have no idea what will happen with us. The jury is still out. But I can honestly say that the ending is of no concern to me anymore. The love is here. And as sappy as it may sound, I love living in love,” Hunter writes.

ABC News reported that in an upcoming “20/20” interview, Hunter will explain their current relationship. 

Edwards’ affair with the then-pregnant Hunter exploded in 2008, when Edwards was running for the Democratic presidential nomination. Last month, Edwards was tried for using campaign funds to hide his affair. A federal jury found Edwards not guilty on one count of violating campaign finance rule, and the judge declared a mistrial on the five remaining criminal charges. The Department of Justice decided not to retry the former senator and two-time Presidential candidate. 

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