People are baffled by what Ridley Scott is promoting in Turkish Airlines' Super Bowl spot Airlines’ Super Bowl ad

  • Turkish Airlines has a new six-minute video made by Ridley Scott and used a 30-second ad to promote it during the Super Bowl.
  • Viewers were confused after it aired because the 30-second ad didn’t get any context around the longer film.
  • The full six-minute video is on the brand’s social platforms.

Turkish Airlines aired a 30-second ad for a new branded film — but people are confused what the ad is about.

The international airline debuted a trailer during the first quarter of the Super Bowl that promotes a six-minute film directed by Ridley Scott. The spot shows a woman running through the airport going through a cat-and-mouse chase with someone on the phone. The spot prompts people to go to the brand’s website to watch the full six-minute film.

Turkish Airlines has since posted the full spot on its social accounts:

Immediately after airing, people tweeted that they were either confused about what the ad was about since the ad only shows a confusing clip of the entire ad.^tfw

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