You could get fined $500 for riding a hoverboard in New York City

If you have a hoverboard, keep it out of New York City.

The two-wheeled electric vehicles (toys?!), which have exploded in popularity in recent months, are illegal to ride on New York City’s streets and footpaths.

People who are caught riding one could be fined $US500 and have their hoverboard impounded.

New York City law treats the so-called hoverboards, which on Amazon range in price from about $US180 to more than $US1,600 as “motorised scooters.”

The city defines these as “any wheeled device that… is powered by an electric motor or by a gasoline motor that is capable of propelling the device without human power and is not capable of being registered with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.”

The city’s 26th Precinct, which is located in Harlem, tweeted a warning to citizens on Wednesday morning.

Missy Elliot and B.J. Daniels  — consider yourselves warned.

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