A College Basketball Player’s Weed-Induced Munchies Were Thwarted By Pizza Delivery Guy

Dundrecous Nelson

[credit provider=”AP Images”]

Ole Miss has dismissed leading scorer Dundrecous Nelson after he was charged with possessing drug paraphernalia, according to The Clarion-Ledger (via The Big Lead).Police responded to the smell of marijuana coming from Nelson’s apartment. No one answered an officer’s knock on the front door, but right when he was leaving he saw a Domino’s Pizza delivery guy. The policeman asked the delivery person what apartment he was going to. The pizza was headed Nelson’s way.

Nelson then exited his home in order to get the pizza and attempted to quickly go back inside.

The officer confronted Nelson at that time. Upon finally entering the apartment the officer found eight roaches of marijuana made from cigarillos (small cigars that can be emptied and stuffed with the drug).

Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy called Nelson’s dismissal “a shame.”

Expect Nelson to order Papa John’s from now on.